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Frequently Asked Queries

On this page, we are collecting some SPARQL Query Patterns that are useful to work with the LINDAS Linked Data.

Multilingual Labels to Monolingual Columns

The following Query returns the names of all seven federal departments in the four official languages and optional in English in separate columns:

PREFIX schema: <>

    ?department schema:inDefinedTermSet <>.

    ?department schema:name ?name_DE. FILTER(lang(?name_DE) = "de")
    ?department schema:name ?name_FR. FILTER(lang(?name_FR) = "fr")
    ?department schema:name ?name_IT. FILTER(lang(?name_IT) = "it")
    ?department schema:name ?name_RM. FILTER(lang(?name_RM) = "rm")
    OPTIONAL {?department schema:name ?name_EN. FILTER(lang(?name_EN) = "en")}

Run this query in the YASGUI Interface of LINDAS

Reduce Language-Tagged Strings to a Single String (with Language Preferences)

The following query reduces multiple schema:name attributes (with different or non existent language tags) to a single answer (depening on given language preferences):

PREFIX dct: <>
PREFIX schema: <>
SELECT DISTINCT ?creator ?name WHERE {

  ?s dct:creator ?creator.
  OPTIONAL {?creator schema:name ?nameDE. FILTER(lang(?nameDE) = "de")}
  OPTIONAL {?creator schema:name ?nameFR. FILTER(lang(?nameFR) = "fr")}
  OPTIONAL {?creator schema:name ?nameIT. FILTER(lang(?nameIT) = "it")}
  OPTIONAL {?creator schema:name ?nameRM. FILTER(lang(?nameRM) = "rm")}
  OPTIONAL {?creator schema:name ?nameEN. FILTER(lang(?nameEN) = "en")}
  OPTIONAL {?creator schema:name ?nameUndef. FILTER(lang(?nameUndef) = "")}
    BIND (
      IF(BOUND(?nameEN), ?nameEN, 1/0),
      IF(BOUND(?nameDE), ?nameDE, 1/0),
      IF(BOUND(?nameFR), ?nameFR, 1/0),
      IF(BOUND(?nameIT), ?nameIT, 1/0),
      IF(BOUND(?nameRM), ?nameRM, 1/0),
      IF(BOUND(?nameUndef), ?nameUndef, 1/0),
    ) AS ?name
} ORDER BY ?name

Run this query in the YASGUI Interface of LINDAS

Resources that Belong to at Least one Class of a List

The following Query returns all the datasets in LINDAS. The problem with a dataset is that at least four different classes for datasets exist and not all datasets belong to all these four classes:

PREFIX void: <>
PREFIX dcat: <>
PREFIX schema: <>

  ?dataset a ?class.
  FILTER(?class IN (schema:Dataset, void:Dataset, dcat:Dataset, <>))

Run this query in the YASGUI Interface of LINDAS

Finding the Latest Version of a Cube

Cube Creator generated Cubes in LINDAS have versions. To find the latest version of a cube (given by its dcterms:identifier), the following SPARQL query can be helpful:

PREFIX schema: <>
PREFIX dcterms: <>

SELECT ?dataset WHERE {
  BIND("ubd0104" as ?id)
  ?dataset a schema:Dataset;
          dcterms:identifier ?id.
  FILTER NOT EXISTS {?dataset schema:expires ?expDate}

Run this query in the YASGUI Interface of LINDAS